Why InternetReputation Is The #1 Reputation Management Company

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On August 16, 2012
Last modified:March 22, 2014


InternetReputation.com is an experienced, award winning Internet Reputation management firm that specializes in online crisis management situations. They provide real, proven results fast.

As more and more people have learned to take advantage of the internet’s vast assortment of promotional tools and techniques, businesses and individuals are becoming far more concerned with their online identity. Information about you, your business, or your coworkers can be put on the internet whether you realize it or not, and that information can severely impact your reputation and your future opportunities. Protecting your identity and your reputation online has become a fact of life, especially if your job or your lifestyle requires a significant online presence.

Why InternetReputation.com is the #1 Reputation Management Company

Today’s world moves at light speed, and many professionals simply don’t have the resources or the time to manage their own online reputation, let alone their entire business’s reputation—especially not in times of crisis. If you’re going to leave your reputation in someone else’s hands, you absolutely want the most knowledgeable and professional reputation analysts on your side. With InternetReputation.com, you can rest assured knowing your reputation is backed by some of best analysts and reputation agents in the industry.

Not All Online Reputation Management Firms Are the Same

There are many reputation management firms all over the internet that promise quick removals and fast results. These services often fleece their customers with lazy SEO tactics, overpriced and under-performing results, black-hat tactics that aren’t even worthwhile quick fixes, and service terms that are purposefully confusing and misleading.

“The big problem in the reputation management industry right now is that firms are trying to apply one solution to every problem,” says an InternetReputation.com spokesperson.

“If you compare it to the justice system, this would be similar to using the same legal proceeding for every slander case. This would not be effective method for an attorney, and it certainly is not effective online.”

People don’t realize just how different the internet reputation landscape actually is. Few customers actually research reputation management companies thoroughly enough to decide which service is right for their needs. Smaller reputation firms with a history for underperforming bank on that lack of research to lure more unsuspecting customers into purchasing a service plan.

“I can’t tell you how many times we have heard from clients that they threw away thousands of dollars on another company that promised them the moon and quickly delivered nothing.”

The InternetReputation.com Difference

InternetReputation.com is proud to provide customers with customized, results-driven reputation management strategies that other competitors simply can’t match. Their “secret weapons” are a combination of proprietary technologies, advanced content removal procedures, specifically-tailored approaches to each client, and years of web development and search engine technology expertise.

Above all, InternetReputation.com takes pride in their ability to provide clients with a solution that is customized to fit their needs:

“Every website listing, every negative review or comment is unique and without a custom approach to each case you can’t be effective. We are probably one of the only, if not the only firm that has actually removed thousands of web pages for our clients. We have been able to do this because we look closely at each case we take on.”

InternetReputation.com leads the online reputation management industry with their dedication to specially-tailored solutions that businesses can rely on. Instead of offering “one size fits all” solutions like competing reputation firms, InternetReputation.com spends time familiarizing themselves with essential details about their client and the situation at hand, and offers customized service quotes based directly on the necessary procedures.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

According to economic forecasts and industry growth data, internet reputation management is a $150 million-dollar industry, expected to grow 30% to 50% every year. Research from The Economist shows that 75% of a global company’s worth is vested in their international reputation. Hiring studies from Microsoft have shown that 70% of hiring managers have rejected potential hires based on the information they find about a candidate online.

The proof is in the numbers: online reputation management is quickly becoming essential to making sure your professional reputation is healthy and encourages healthy sales in the long-term. No out-of-the-box solution will fit each and every individual’s reputation management needs, so why would you trust a reputation firm that offers an out-of-the-box plan?

Don’t leave your future to chance and hope for the best: be confident and secure on the internet with InternetReputation.com’s professional online reputation management services.


  1. Lee says

    Hi trung
    I have never heard of Internet reputation .com but I know the concept of reputation without a good reputation you are on the trash pile heading no where without people trusting you you might as well start agin in a different business.

    Thanks lee

  2. Matthew says

    Thank you for the detailed review on them. The reputation management industry is interesting and it’s fun to watch it grow and see what players are going to make the cut. These guys are cream of the crop advertisers, I will give them that. I don’t think I have seen anyone with near the talent these guys bring to the table. There is rumors that this company is owned by ex-Google employee’s, I don’t personally buy that.

  3. Joseph says

    Has anyone else had any experience with InternetReputation.com? We are looking for other reviews of their service and costs. We are considering using them for our brand management and removing some slander that an ex-employee posted about us online. I would like to hear from other people what your thoughts are on this company and their service. It seems like a lot of the online reputation management companies out there aren’t what they are cracked up to be.

  4. Marcus says

    This is interesting. Thank you for the in-depth review on Internet Reputation.com, we have been thinking about hiring their firm to do some work for us. It is amazing how bad the laws are regarding the Internet. I hope at some point the government takes a serious look at the Internet laws.

  5. Jon says

    Interesting concept, there is so many scams out there it’s interesting to see that there is a solution for scammers to hide their tricks ;). Hopefully these companies have good ethics and wont work with companies that are intentionally hurting people. I looked at InternetReputation.com and they seem like a good reputable company, they have a good reputation from what I could see ;). Great informative post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chris says

      InternetReputation.com is a legit provider of reputation management, there has been a lot of bad companies spring up in the past few years, but this company offers a good service and does good work. Watch out for other companies charging huge fee’s and not delivering on what they promise. InternetReputation.com does what they say.

  6. says

    Reputation -is- huge in the internet marketing world, and a lot of opportunities arise due to who you know. But if they know you (and not for any good reasons) then you aren’t going to get a good business going.

  7. Beth says

    Wow! I didn’t realize that reputations on the Internet were such a big deal. I typically read reviews and believe pretty much all of them. I never thought of someone using the Internet to negatively slander someone. There is so many scams out there, I guess it’s great to know that places like this exist.

  8. says

    Whether it is online or offline job, reputation is a must thing and once it spoil, everything, will spoiled. Once we lose reputation it will spread like wildfire and spread it over online by negative opinion or bad reviews about the company.

    So after that fixing the reputation is hard and experts only can do the task without further damages.

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