10 Secrets of Successful Link Building

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10 Secrets of Successful Link BuildingThe Internet has become one of the most important parts of our everyday life. We can talk with friends and date with lovers who are far away, we can buy and sell everything there. Making business and earning money is also one of the most popular functions of the Internet today.

You can make your blog or website popular with millions of people only if you choose the best strategy. Link building is one of the best way to promote your site in the Internet. Here are some ways you can use to do link-building.

Create a Competition

This is a rather seedy way of link building where you create a web-page that has a competition on it. Start with a page that announces the competition, making it one about multiple companies. Things such as the top fifty companies in a certain area (white goods, fish mongers, etc). After a week or two, post up the results. This makes the page and “expert” page, which will rank higher and receive more links.

Get a Piece of Free Software

Get yourself a piece of free (openware/shareware) software that analysis the incoming links of websites. Find out how many links you have coming into your site, and find out how many links your nearest competitors on the Google search results have.

The company at the top will most likely have the most links, but result number two, three or four may have the most. Either way, your goal is to get just enough to beat the highest number. Do not try to get too many more as it will lower (oddly enough) your Google Page Rank, therefore making it harder to get future incoming links.

Link Internal Pages

Link your own internal pages to each other two or three times. Makes sure you have a few of your internal links pointing at the page you are trying to link build for. It attracts very good attention from other potential linkers.

Use the “Related Search” Feature

On Google’s advanced section/options, use the “related search” feature and find other companies that have keywords related to yours that are not competition. Ask to swap links with them. If you are not competition then they will not mind linking to you.

Guest Posting

Post articles and guest posts onto websites and add in a link to your website. You will have to check to see if they allow it first. If they do, then create your own links to your site using articles.

Post From Everywhere in the Internet

Post links to your site from different corners of the internet. It is all well and good posting articles with the most popular article sites, but there are thousands of websites out there that will publish your articles. Many of them will be more dedicated to your keywords than any article publishing site will ever be.

Scour the Internet but be creative. For example, if you are selling socks, try links from article sites, but also try shoe sites, foot disease sites, foot fetish sites, foot abnormality sites and tile flooring company sites. You may not get many clicks on your links, but the link diversity will count in your favour.

Do a Little Regularly

Don’t do a lot suddenly, do a little -regularly. Doing a lot to build links quickly all in one go will flag your efforts as spam and it will take longer for you to rise up the Google search results?

This can be avoided through working to add links regularly in smaller numbers. Have a few articles published each week; add a few links in comment boxes, as a few people from other sites to link to you. As a side note, do not believe everything you read. There is a lot of phoney advice on the internet.

Use Social Bookmaking Sites

Use social bookmaking sites as a way to add a few links to your ever increasing amount. Do not use too many. For example, you will fall foul if you hire company to link a few hundred from social bookmaking sites. Simply treat them as another of your many link building efforts each week.

Create a Buzz on the Social Media Platforms

So much so that people will be itching to link their social media pages, Blogs and websites to your page.

Make a Long Term Plan

The strongest link strategies have a gradual stream of broken and working links over a long time. It is the same as updating your site over a long time. Create a long term plan so that once you are on top of the Google results, you are able to stay there.

Using these simple tips you will increase the traffic of your blog and find much more readers and visitors who can be your potential clients if you have a business or friends if you just want to share your experience, impressions and ideas.


  1. says

    Nice and very informative post.

    Backlinks from high quality sites is always a great help to websites to divert traffic and also to gain page rank. I have utilized Internal linking within the majority of my articles and now I am analyzing the plans of the backlinking. Your article served to comprehend the thought and in addition gave a few tips too to get better results.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. says

    Nice article about link building. Guest posting and internal linking is what I am currently focusing as of now. This is definitely worth taking note of, These link building techniques will surely work. Thanks for sharing them here.

  3. says

    Guest post is becoming so popular now-a-days. Its is very effective way for link building as I have experienced it. That’s my personal experience so I will definitely recommend it. All other ways are equally important which you have mentioned. Thank you for sharing a complete guide.

  4. says

    I appreciate all above ideas to build links to your site and I use some of them too. I want to add one more very important way to build links through comment backlinking. we must leave some useful comments at our niche blogs. But doing this only for backlinking will not do anything good at all.

  5. says

    Great article dude, I have used Internal linking in the most of my articles and now I am exploring the ideas of the backlinking. Your article helped to understand the idea as well as provided some tips as well for that. Thanks for sharing !

  6. says

    Nice tips Sonia. Had a great time reading it. This is definitely going to help new bloggers who are looking forward to build links to their site.

  7. says

    Guest posting is the best way to build quality back links to a blog, nice post we got here. i totally agree with every details you wrote on this post

  8. says

    There are few things you should know before submitting your blog or website to the social bookmarking sites. You can submit your website manually or using the automated software’s or forms. Using automated forms can save your lots of time and from unwanted trouble. However, there are few services available on internet that charges you for the submissions of your websites so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time by submitting manually.

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing! I read many link building tips but your one is unique from other tips. Absolutely true, take to some to write post and published it regularly and try to submit some articles to other blog or directories site and do little bit some guest are they simple and way for increase backlinks. But I never heard any people said about the competition.

  10. says

    Great article. These are all good ways to build quality backlinks. I think the best thing about your post is that you mentioned planning. A lot of bloggers share a few linkbuilding strategies. But it’s the planning that gets significant results.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    Great post!

    Plenty covered but short and sweet at the same time.

    I like the competition idea. I’ve run a few free website competitions on Twitter before but only ever asked for a retweet. Perhaps asking them to link to a web page instead is something to try.

    Thanks for the idea!

  12. Lee says

    With my link building I have been heading towards social media as just about everything I google now there are results from all the top media sites all over the place. Probably mainly facebook and Pinterest. Shows how much influence google is giving to social media.

    Great info thanks lee

  13. says

    Secrets not seems to be latest, but it gives brief idea about link building tactics. I was using these tactics before. I love to use in the future too. I appreciate your post.

  14. says

    Impressive ideas. These are best suggestions for beginners as link building will also increase traffic to the sites in many cases and quality is also very important in link building.

  15. says

    You are absolutely right that if someone wants to get hundreds of link in night, he will definitely go through the spam filter, and google will send her site into the sandbox.

  16. says

    Do comment on fellow blogger URL’s and participate actively in forums. Don’t pay for links, try to get them naturally and one way too.

  17. Sanjib Kumar Saha says

    Good. Thanks for sharing your secrets in link building.

    Now a days link building is one way in which your blog can be ranked well in search engine. Your 10 secrets are the next thing which Im going to follow to build backlinks to my blog.

  18. says

    great ideas!! These are best suggestions for beginners as link building will also increase traffic to the sites in many cases and quality is also very important in link building process!

  19. says

    Thanks for the above tips… some I already use but there are a few new ideas which I will be adding to my weekly to-do list to build links.

  20. marathimatrimony says

    i read above post carefully in the post most valuable point is start a blog or website in which topic u love most or in which u topic want to research on internet and search for the topic on various site, read related books whether its online or hard book and prepare your own post and then do blogging then u become successful blogger

  21. Lee says

    I have kept my link building quite low key as I put a load of links to one post it ranked then disappeared and never came back as high as my other keywords. Couldn’t agree more about little and often is the secret.

    Great info thanks lee

  22. says

    Don’t Spam. Search engines (like Google) mostly update their algorithms to do one of two things: to increase the relevance of the search results and to battle spam in their index. If you keep things relevant and avoid spam tactics, your rankings should remain intact as long as their isn’t a fundamental shift in how websites and pages are ranked.

  23. says

    To help share the wealth of social bookmarking, I’ve put together a list of 125 social bookmarking sites, some of which are very popular and others which are newer or somewhat unheard of. But besides targeting the major social bookmarking and tagging sites which are listed above, you will find some diamonds in the rough which are niche oriented or treated well by Google and other search engines. I’ve found that one such surprise is Searchles which is regarded as an authority by multiple search engines and bookmarks within Searchles sometimes show up quite high in some branded organic results.

  24. says

    I think the hardest part is to keep our site to stay on the #1 page on Google….I find it difficult to develop a strategy to link building at this point…

  25. says

    Link building is one of the simplest ways any online business can boost their webpage ranking. One secrets of successful link building is consistency. There’s no such thing as overnight result and thus you have to keep on promoting your website until you achieve the success that you want!

  26. says

    Thanks for the above tips… some I already use but there are a few new ideas which I will be adding to my weekly to-do list to build links. Interesting idea about creating a competition to link build, will look into that.
    Many thanks,

  27. says

    This is quite an extensive list. Some people are saying link building isn’t helpful anymore ( that it is all about social networking now). Glad to see that my efforts are wasted.

  28. says

    Nice post !! As a blogger i find that guest posting is the most successful way to build links for me. I am going to try some of these other tips though :)

  29. says

    Guest posting, Link-building and networking, these three are the directions I am following this year to improve the popularity of my blogs. Combined with some catchy titles and trendy topics I hope to achieve some nice results! Thanks for the good tips!

  30. says

    You can also add article marketing to this list (only top directories that is) and to a lesser degree, blog commenting and forum posting. Another idea I have is by creating funny pictures, putting the name of your website on it and then posting them in sites like reddit, imgur and stumbleupon. These websites have millions of readers everyday and if you can slice even just a small piece of that, you could have lots of visitors. This is not direct link building but it still works that way.

  31. says


    Nice tips to build links for our site. I’d like to add some more points to build links for site, like

    * Editing Wikipedia Articles
    * Hiring a PR person
    * Article submission to Ezine, etc

    Thanks, keep writing superb post like this. :)

  32. says

    Amazing post ! We all know, Link building is vital for SEO. I specially like the point of guest posting . And about social bookmarking it is also having good value we talking about referral traffic and also helps in indexation.

  33. Patrik says

    Link building is indeed the name of the game in the blogosphere. It is necessary to know just how many links are entering your blog. There are of course other ways to bring in visitors to your site but sans building their numbers won’t about to much. In this case this site is an eye opener especially to a tyro like me. As mentioned here, there is free software to help.

  34. abdelrhman says

    Really good and helpful article .. Its an easy steps to follow to get a massive backlinks to your website.. Thanks for sharing this informative secrets.

  35. says

    Link building is vital for SEO. I’ve been looking for link building tips and i found this post. 10 tips above are complete guide for me to start link building. Thanks for share this great information

  36. says

    I appreciate this simple linkbuilding tips. Taking actions with the necessary steps to make linkbuilding more effective is actually my main goals this time.
    Being able to get ideas to get back my rankings is one of the major things that’s on my top list.

  37. says

    Hi Sonia… I agree that one needs to put in regular effort towards link building to get better results…also the link building strategy should include multiple sources of links like comments, guest posting etc. and not just rely on one type of links…

  38. Jeniffer says

    What exactly is link building, well, it is a technique used for Search engine optimization which is used as a traffic booster for a website. SEO in turn has many other techniques but basically link building is one of the basics. Links actually not always get to be saved.. most of the time they are rejected and these are really great tips for a successful marketing.

  39. says

    Hey Sonia !
    Great information you have shared with us.
    Guest posting is interesting one. I just want more clarification about social book marking. how it works?? Please let me know, I shall be very thankful to you.
    Thanks for this post.

  40. says

    Hi Sonia. A very interesting list with some great suggestions on link building.
    However i found this point is vary important “Do a Little Regularly”.Thanks for this informative information share with us.

  41. says

    In earlier day link building greatly helped to increase our global searches. But now a days with the update of Google algorithms, it is said that a link should be natural and relative.

  42. says

    Nice tips, it will help me a lot thanks for these tips as link building helps to get good ranking in search engine, these tips will let my blog to get good rank in search engines.

  43. says

    Forum Posting works well, but you must make sure that the forum owner/administrator does not mind you posting links on their forum. Some people do not like it when you put links on their forum, especially when they lead to commercial sites. So firstly, check to see if it is okay.
    The forums usually have rule of conduct, which you can check first. Do not just spam your links on forums because they will delete them and kick you off the site. Worse still, they will take revenge and inspire their followers to write anti SEO about your landing page, making it harder for you to climb the Google search results.

  44. says

    Create backlink for your website is one of the factor to getting keywords ranking on search engine. This all step is really help to increasing backlink for websites.

  45. says

    Great list. I wonder though, if for some reason your site suddenly got a lot of traffic (for whatever reason) and people started creating back-links for you, would you still be punished? Does Google somehow know the difference between many people creating back-links as opposed to one person making many back-links? I would hope so, but I’m unsure about this.

  46. says

    Hi Sonia and Trung,
    I always comment after I write a post and I add it to social media sites like FB, Twitter, SU and Tumblr. It’s amazing what happens when you go on a link building tour.

    I could definitely do some more guest posting though. ;)

    Take care.

  47. says

    When it comes to linkbuilding, i like to be more focused on competitor benchmarking and using some tools like you have said is one of the best ways to go with this.
    Thanks for the great share

  48. says

    Link building is still a vital part of seo. However, things have definitely change in the last few months to a year. Things like quality content, social sharing, google plus, and over optimization are things to make note of sooner than later.

  49. Hollywood Hills Realtor says

    Guest Posting is something that I have not utilized yet. I think you are right, make a long term plan and add links a little bit every day, and it will go a long way :)

  50. says

    Thanks for the tips about effective link building.You are right,our efforts should be continious and all the steps should be taken once because it will make google to lower your rank.Thanks!

  51. says

    Hello Admin,
    This is an awesome article written related to the link building. Basically Link Building is a part of Search Engine Optimization which is used to boost the traffic on the webpage. Thank you for such a nice article

    Thank You,
    Hill Mart

  52. says

    Hello! Thanks for sharing these immensely useful tips. Some people claim that it’s enough to build a great site or a blog (with great and unique content) and that it will roll on its own. I checked that in different niches and I must say that in 95% of cases that is not true. Link building is essential, but if we want it to be successful, we must do it in an honest way, not spam. Thanks!

  53. says

    My main strategy for blogging is what you say under “Do a Little Regularly”. I followed this strategy and believe it or not I have a PR5 website now. I don’t know how it happened but I know for sure that I wanted to build a quality website with quality content from day 1. I think it is working :)

  54. says

    Hey Trung, how are you my friend?

    I think after those algorithm updates from Google, guest blogging is the most important and most effective link building strategy that every blogger should do to get good ranking.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  55. says

    I don’t know about social bookmarking. Could you please explain more about it. How many backlink that I should build every day, how much on blog, how much on forum, and how much on the other? I’m very confuse about the number of them.

  56. says

    Wow amazing post with secret tips. I liked them all and following too. I think blog commenting and guest posting should be give first preference for natural link building. And about social bookmarking it is also having good value we talking about referral traffic and also helps in indexation.


  57. says


    Well when talking about the secret link building it an interesting post. And for me secret link building is blog commenting :), and guest posting too yeah its is right. Thanks for the awesome resources

  58. Avni says

    Dear Admin,
    I landed upon your article “10 Secrets of Successful Link-building” from google, Actually i am doing a research work on “Secrets of Successful Link-building” ,found your article useful for my research work. Actually i was looking for more related articles on your blog but unfortunately didnt find anymore of it.Hope read more related articles in coming days…I will keep following your blog till then..

    Warm Regards

  59. says

    Link building is so much important for online marketing and when you want to see your site top in major search engine link building plays vital role in that.

  60. Aditya says

    I think doing guest posts is the best strategy to build links as well as get traffic at the same time.One can socialize on social media platforms to make your work viral.

  61. says

    Hi Sonia,
    These tips you mentioned are really helpful especially for newbies when it comes to having a successful link building campaign. I agree with you on the part about doing a little regularly. In blogging, it pays actually to be slow when it comes to link building the natural way. Doing articles, publishing them one every 2 or 5 days, commenting on other blogs on the other days, and using social media sites to promote your posts are simple yet effective ways on how to link build regularly and naturally.

  62. says


    Great work you have done, the way you share the Link-building method is awesome, after the update of google algorithm this Link-building method is most powerful for every website. keep it up and share more.


  63. says

    Great post. Link building is the very essential thing and thanks for sharing such valuable 10 secretes for link building. This is really helpful.

  64. says

    My friend the quality of backlink is more important because you see one incomediary.com and
    entrepreneur.com two biggest blogs that they doesn’t post regularly but they maintain their backlinks(quality backlinks) time to time,so i thing regular posting is not important if you work properly to maintain on each and every strategy.

  65. says

    building links is a surviving technique on internet … i most liked the point… DO A LITTLE REGULARLY… that’s the key… don’t get desperate… very nice article…

  66. says

    Well I think link building is definitely the important thing. I like the tips that you have shared. These are definitely helpful. I specially like the point of guest posting and using social bookmarking sites. I feel these are the best ways to build links. Thanks for the share!!

  67. says

    You have included many points about link building that I did not find on other websites. I was able to gain something new. Thanks i will try these link building stratergies.

  68. says


    Getting links is not at all important, quality links will add more value to our link building campaign. So we always should analyze quality of the inbound and out bound links by tools.

    Thanks to the wonderful tips.

  69. Lisa says

    I think the public bookmaking websites as a way to add a few hyperlinks to your ever improving quantity. Do not use too many. For example, you will drop bad if you provider to we blink a few number of from public bookmaking websites.Thanks for sharing me..

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