Why You Should Build a Plan Before Starting a Blog? And How to Do It?

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Why and How to Build a Blog Plan Every blogger wants their blogs to attract a lot of readers and generate an income stream. Not all bloggers, however, know how to get that.

I have seen many bloggers taking much time and effort to blog, but the result they achieve is not worth taking. This made them frustrated and many of them gave up easily even when success came very close.

Opposed to them, the successful bloggers always know how to get what they want. So, what is their secret? To get the answer to this question, I spent a lot of time watching what they do and read their stories, e-books, interviews and case studies. Finally, I found out the common denominator for their success. Unlike most of the bloggers who blog randomly and hope for success, successful bloggers always know exactly what they will do to get what they want.

How did they do it?

Their secret is simple. They listed the tasks to be done, outlined the strategies and proposed the tactics to achieve their goals. In other words, they planed to succeed. This is the secret of successful bloggers.

Why Should You Build a Plan?

You know, I took almost two years to realize the value of planning in building a successful blog. I’ve fully understood the benefits that a plan provides for bloggers, so I will definitely not skip this step when I’m going to build a new blog and I strongly recommend you do it too. Do you still think that building a plan is not necessary to start a blog? So here are the reasons to change your mind.

1. Blogging is Online Business.

Blogging may be a hobby. However, as many of you know, blogging is the most popular and best way to make money online. So we should treat blogging as business. A successful business needs a business plan, which is a road map to establish the operation, goals, and profit generation, to succeed.

2. Go in the Right Direction.

Are you going to travel through a forest? That’s a great expedition, but you will be able to be disoriented any time if you don’t have the necessary tools such as a map or a compass… This is really bad because you will waste much time, effort and be in danger if you go to the wrong place. Blogging is like a journey. You are likely to go on a wrong way. Therefore, a blog plan is necessary for every blogger who wants to build a successful blog. A blog plan is like a road map. When you have a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your project goals and how far you are from your destination. Knowing where you are is essential for making good decisions on where to go or what to do next.

3. Remember Everything.

You are going to the market? I think you should make a list of items that you want to buy. If not, you may forget something. Clearly, our memory is limited. You will certainly need list your ideas in order not to waste any idea; thus, you should write a detailed plan to store all of your ideas. And you will never forget it.

4. Avoid Failure.

If you have a map, you will know what the obstacles are ahead and how to overcome them. A plan is like a map. It will help you anticipate challenges and risks that might happen before everything becomes too late, so you can find a solution to solve or prevent before it happens. In other words, a blog plan can prevent you from going on the path that the possibility of failure is too clearly.

5. Make Blogging Easy.

Most of us fail when starting to blog the first time. The reasons behind our failure are different that makes us find blogging difficult. You may feel so depressed that you don’t want to join the blogosphere again. Everything, however, will change when you have a plan. This makes blogging much easier. Imagine you are going to finish a difficult task. You know what you have to do to solve it; you are aware of all obstacles that may be encountered and you know ways to overcome them, I’m sure you will feel more confident and you will complete this task easily.

6. Increased Trust.

If you have a plan, everyone will know your blog’s position, idea and vision. Through the plan, you show to them the capability that you can get success. Therefore, you are increasing the trust of other people. Increasing trust means you will get more conversations, more sponsors, and more profit. Is that good?

7. Saving Time.

Completing a blogging plan will take time. But in the end, it will save you countless hours of wasted effort. Completing a blogging plan is like preparing equipments and a map for your journey. You can be slow at first, but later it will surely help you overcome the obstacles on the road faster than others. So you will finish first. I believe that you will not build your house without knowing what it looks like afterwards, right? So why don’t you do the same with your blog? Failing to plan is planning to fail. So you should build a blog plan now. It’s the blueprint for your blog and it will help you grow your blog faster, longer and more profitably than any other single thing you could do.

How to Build a Blog Plan?

Most of the bloggers didn’t plan to blog because they didn’t know what to plan and how to build it. So in this article I will show you how to build a blog plan. Just follow these steps, and it will help you start your first successful blog. Let’s start.

1. Set Up Your Goals.

To go in the right direction, you need to know where you are going to. Hence, in order to achieve your purpose, you need to set up your goals. Goal-setting is an important task for any blogger to get success; especially new bloggers who can become distracted if you don’t know what to focus on. Goals will direct your actions. It tells us where to head for – the destination. And a detailed plan shows us steps – what to do fist or next. Thus, you will work with scientific and more effective. Besides, a goal can be used as a measure of success. How to set up your goals? Just answer these questions in detail as much as you can:

  • How many posts do you want to publish?
  • How many Facebook fans, twitter followers do you want to get?
  • How many visitors do you want to get?
  • How much money do you want to earn?
  • What Alexa rank do you want to achieve?

2. When Do You Complete Your Goals?

Do you have the goals? If you have, that’s great for your success. But you will never achieve them if you don’t do any thing. So you should force yourself to take action by limiting the time to complete your goals.

3. Research Your Audience Target and Competitors.

Research is the spring-board of successful businesses. If you really consider blogging is an online business, you must do the research about your audience and competitors. You have to know who you are blogging for, where they live, what they are really passionate about, what they do, how much they earn, what they like (and what they don’t, also). Be as specific as possible. You have to do better than others to archive success. And researching your competitors is the way you prepare yourself to do it. You should know what they are doing, what their strategies and tactics are to find the way to beat them.

4. Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Analyzing of your strengths and weaknesses helps you take full advantage of your strengths and limited to the minimum the risks due to your weaknesses can bring. So, through this step, it will take you to be successful by helping you promptly grasp the opportunities and prevent threats. However, how to analyze your strengths and weaknesses? Let’s ask yourself these questions to find your forte and your weak points:

  • What can/can’t you do better than others?
  • What are your competitors doing? Can you do it better?
  • What are the experiences, skills and knowledge help you in blogging?
  • What do you need to improve (skills, knowledge…)?
  • ….. much more

5. Building a Content Plan

Content is the most important part of any blog. Your blog couldn’t be successful if it didn’t have good content. So you must build a content plan. Answer these questions:

    • Where do you find your blog post ideas? (For examples: readers’ comments, competitors’ blogs, Youtube, magazines or else where)
    • What type of content will your blog have? Product reviews, case studies, interviews or instructions…?
    • How often will you update your blog? Several times a day, once a day, several times a week, once a week or something else?

6. Building a Marketing Plan

      Your blog has awesome content? Great, that’s the strong base for your success. But you know, great content doesn’t have legs. It can never walk up to the target audience on its own. That’s why you need a marketing strategy. How to build it yourself? Answer these questions:

      • How many comments do you leave a day? Five, ten, fifteen or more?
      • What blogs do you visit and leave your comments? You should choose blogs that have the same niche with your blog.
      • How many guest posts you want to contribute? What blogs do you want to send your posts?
      • What social network do you use to promote your blog? Facebook, Twitter or Google plus?
      • Do you want to use Google Adword, Facebook Ads or direct ads to promote your blog?

      7. Building a Monetizing Plan

      If you want to generate income from your blog, you need to know how you will monetize it. Answer these questions:

      • When do you start monetizing your blog? At the beginning or when you got 1,000 visitors per day?
      • What ways do you choose to monetize your blog? Pay Per Click program, Affiliates, Advertising or Selling products and services?

      Now, you’ve done. Just take action and make your blog plan happen. It’s time for you to share your own views, tips and opinions. I’m looking forward!


  1. says

    Great list. #5 is a great point. Without a good plan, blogging can be very difficult. There is nothing worse than needing to publish and not knowing what to write. The site ending up lacking direction without a solid plan.

  2. says

    You have compiled excellent list there. In fact, those who want to create a MAP for their blogs need this list.
    It’s a feast for newbie bloggers :P
    I have all the plans which you mentioned above except commenting count. I dint decide till now. What’s your opinion on commenting on other blogs in same niche? How many comments are enough for the starters..?

  3. says

    I wanted to start a new blog again but I am afraid I might not allocate enough time for it to really be popular and well written. Your guide will help me prioritize my task.

  4. Alpesh Mavani says

    Really useful tips for any new bloggers who don’t know much about blogging world and vast possibility of income.

  5. says

    I would rather say, just start off with unique ideas and content.
    and rest will be done by surrounding people. (Just my thought)

  6. says

    Trung, you are a wonderful adviser.
    Just like putting up a business, in order to succeed, must prepare a business plan.
    This is so cool.
    I’m just starting to appreciate blogging. Writing at reviewsgoodbad.com is a good start for me. It’s a free site and allows me to post my experiences on almost anything.
    I’ll stick to your guideline as soon as I create my own blog site.
    Thank You! I already bookmarked you at my PC.

  7. scrap car removal says

    Usually, they only have to know the age, make and model of a car for them to know how much they are prepared to pay for it. They will then provide a quote for the car and the seller can then decide if they are prepared to sell it at that price or not

  8. says

    Blogging is definitely a business which is getting more and more competitive day by day. If you do not develop a plan, you will struggle. Like you say, a plan will help you stay course and guide you automatically saving you time.

  9. says

    You have compiled excellent list there. In fact, those who want to create a MAP for their blogs need this list.
    It’s a feast for newbie bloggers :P
    I have all the plans which you mentioned above except commenting count. I dint decide till now. What’s your opinion on commenting on other blogs in same niche? How many comments are enough for the starters..?

    • says

      HI Jessica, I’d glad when hearing your are quoting me in your article, I can’t wait to read that post, please let’s me know when it’ was published, :) have a nice day.

  10. Kuldeep Khatri says

    Building a Blog Plan is really Important for every blogger. Analyzing things, Knowing Audience, Setting Goals and achieving them, Working Hard,etc. Blogging is always been a tough challenge that is quite enjoyable and Increases our knowledge.
    Great share, Buddy.

  11. says

    Thanks bro! This post is really helpful! I always fail at the start!
    I see myself to greedy to want to share everything I’m interested!
    So….yes…it’s really a reminder for me!

    Thanks again!

  12. says

    Heya, Nice post..

    I really enjoyed going through your post. Starting of a blog really needs a lot of planning as we can not run a blog in meaningless direction. This was really helpful. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    • says

      Hi Prithvi,

      many people hoped their blog could bring to us something, but it didn’t. The most of reasons is they didn’t make a plan to draw the map, the exactly way how they can get what they want. That was my problem in the past, too bad but not too late to realize the way we can go to the right way.

  13. says

    I am a novice at blogging and have read many articles offering all kinds of advice. I must say that your article is the one that made the most sense. Thank you and I can utilize your points to help me succeed.

  14. Chadrack says

    Hi Trung,

    I must say you nailed it on the head when you said blogging is business. Not many bloggers really understand this. And you blueprint is really a plan that any blogger can follow any day. Thanks for sharing this.

    • says

      Hi Chadrack,

      I just realized this recently when I found that blogging can bring income to bloggers, and a good plan is the key to ensure our income more stable.

      Thanks for your comment.

  15. Download Thesis Theme says

    Nice post. Like any other venture, even blogging needs a specific plan. Even more important, is to implement the plan effectively. I have seen many people have great plans after a while they themselves don’t care much about the plan and progress.

  16. Theresa Torres says

    Hi Trung,
    This is very informative, a valuable read especially to those new to blogging. Having a plan can really save lots of time for a blogger.
    We can learn a lot from successful bloggers who’ve been there before us. I’m sure some of them started out without a plan and regretted it but they didn’t give up and they learned a lot along the way.
    Just like you, they also want to share the lessons they’ve learned so that the rest of us can benefit.
    Thanks for sharing your tips.

    • says

      Yes, Theresa, I total agree with you, we are the same when we were born, but from time to time, we would be difference because what we have learned is not the same. That’s why someone could be successful while someone else is not.

  17. Rizwan Sultan says

    Just started a new blog. these suggestions would definitely come handy to question my motives and settle objectives. thank you.

  18. says

    Trung, great post my friend. This is helpful for someone like myself who hopes to launch a blog soon. I never thought about developing a plan but I think I’ll start one, so I can have some direction as to where I want to go.. Thanks for the useful information!

    • Trung Nguyen says

      Hi Aaron, these steps I shared on this post are what I’m going to do when starting my new site, so I thought it will help many of new bloggers start a blog that matters.

      BTW: I still can’t wait to see your new blog.

  19. PhuongLe says

    I think a blog plan, like a business plan, is important to give your blog a path to follow, rather than randomly blogging day to day and hoping for success. It will help you plan what your blog will look like and where it is going one year, two years, even five years from now.

    • Trung Nguyen says

      Yes, you are right, Phuong. I had seen the similar recommend from Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.net. Thanks for take time to leave a comments.

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