How to Choose a Good Laptop for Blogger?

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How to Choose a Good Laptop for BloggerIf you are intending to become a professional blogger, then surely there is one thing you should think to, that is shopping for a laptop.

Having a laptop will help you working more comfortably and easily. You can blog at anywhere you want. So, do you have a laptop? If you don’t, the good news for you is it’s not too expensive to buy a new laptop for yourself. Now you can buy a good laptop for only under $500.

5 years ago, I bought the HP Probook 4410s for $650. Now it still work very well, however, it’s better if I have a new stronger laptop. That’s why I’m looking for buying a new one.

When purchasing a laptop, we often hear from the sales staff that it has a full-featured, superior utility … They are important points, but not all. There are still many things that we should consider carefully before making your decision. Below is a few criteria that I made when choosing a new laptop. You should follow them if you want to choose the best laptops under 500 USD.

1. It Should Have Core i3 Processor or Higher:

The HP ProBook 4410s that I have been using have the Pentium Dual processors, it’s not fast enough. Sometimes, it makes me upset when I want to run a needed program. Obviously, this can affect my performance in the long run. So now I need the new laptop that have the Core i3 processor or higher. The Core i3 laptop is faster, and stronger. A Core i3 + laptop is not only helping you to blog better, but also is a good laptop for playing games.

2. Only Choosing the Laptops that Have a Minimum Battery Life of 5.5 hours.

It was not easy for you to be able to plug your laptop charger when you are present in the garden or in a coffee shop. So, you should choose a notebook battery minimum of 5 hours 30 minutes. Some computer models you can refer to as 13-inch MacBook Air can be used continuously for more than 8 hours. A more suitable option for bloggers is the Sony VAIO S Series 13, not only there are more than 6 hours of battery life, which is equipped with a removable battery.

3. Having a Good Keyboard and Touchpad

Although you may be familiar with most of the laptop keyboard, but it’s better you should try before you buy.

The thin and light laptops often have keys smaller than average and are placed closer together than the larger keys on the laptop. The keyboard layout can be also different from the standard laptop.

If there are fairly large hands of a keyboard will make your laptops hard to use. And also cannot forget the importance of the touchpad. You should make sure that the touchpad can be easily hit and move.

4. Selecting The Appropriate Size

A good laptop will meet all your requests but the size and weight hinder a lot. Although the laptop has a 15 – inch usually the cheapest, but the 13 or 14 – inch model to better suit bloggers because they typically weigh less than 2.25 kg, convenient for moving of you. The laptop monitors smaller than 11 – inch convenient but not yet fit the needs of bloggers. Sometimes they have to be plugged into a larger monitor.

5. Not to Be Missed a Beautiful Design.

You do not only want to choose a good laptop with high speed, but also want to pick a laptop that has sleek design instead of a rugged machine. If you can, choose a laptop with metal lid protects the screen against dust and water during the college years. One of the typical laptops is HP Sleekbook, with aluminum cover on the lid and around the keyboard brings a touch of luxury.


The 5 rules above are these things you have to consider if you want to buy the best laptop under 500 USD. Just follow it, and you will make the right decision easily, and fast. In my option, the Acer Aspire E1 572 6870 is the best laptop for under $500. Choose it, and you will not regret your money.


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    Nice and informative post

    Electronics and automobiles always changes from time to time. Your latest device will no longer be the latest with in few months. There are many type of laptops in market having almost all the latest features with different prices. Now choosing a best laptop is a tough question but can be solved with the help of above article..

    The above post explains us some tips which should be checked while buying a laptop. It is true that if you just follow these steps you can buy an excellent laptop.In all the above points mentioned the processor speed and battery life are very important and should not be neglected.

    I hope this post post will be helpful to many .

    Thank you for sharing.

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